Purpose and impact

CyberCampuscz is a space for organizations and communities that face the challenges of the future and actively participate in making our society safe and resilient.

There are many opportunities to become a part of the campus – you can have offices here, join one of the communities, or use services for secure digital transformation or training for professionals.

Whichever of the options you choose, the unifying element will always be the mission of CyberCampuscz – to strengthen the digital resilience of our society.

CERIT Science Park I + II

with potential

Office space for organizations from both the public and private sectors. More than 20 000 m² of modern facilities and potential resulting from the connection of practice, research, and technology.

CERIT Science Park I has been a successful and functioning project for more than 10 years, housing a number of strong organizations.

CERIT Science Park II was established a decade later. It is, however, based on the same principles.

Both parks are united by the fact that the connected organizations do not just rent modern premises in an attractive location – they become a direct part of the CyberCampuscz and, thanks to this, can participate in fulfilling its mission.

CERIT Science Park I + II thus extend beyond merely renting out modern premises.

Cybersecurity innovations

Secure digital

Cyber security is essential for every organization, but not all of them are able to orient themselves in this area. CyberSecurityHubcz services can help with that.

In this way, organizations can get expert help from researchers and experts from the field.

For example, it involves ensuring access to technologies, testing products or services, education and development of skills, building an innovative ecosystem and networking, or giving support in the search for investments and consultancy for business development in the field of cyber security.

Competence for practice

Training courses
for professionals

A combination of theory and practical experience in the form of complex cyber security exercises and specialized trainings.

When the National Cyber and Information Security Agency and Masaryk University organized the first Cyber Czech technical training, it was on the premises of CyberCampuscz.

Since then, trainings have been held here regularly – for the public sector, insurance companies, and energy companies. Cyber security trainings are based on practical experience and a high professional level; that is why they are so beneficial for professionals.