Welcome to Cyber Campus CZ

A Czech space, which is here to strengthen the resilience of our society and thereby protect democratic values, economic well-being, and the quality of our lives.

Strategic position
in the VUCA world

Cyber Campus CZ is a symbol of the Czech Republic’s self-confident approach to building a resilient digital society. It is a geographical area in Brno that gathers key subjects, expertise, activities, and infrastructure all in one place.

Digital resilience
as a mission

Problems of cyberspace are problems of the community. They have a critical impact on society, democracy, economy, and on the lives of each of us. Our present and future require the ability to face all that threatens the previously mentioned.

Be a part
of campus

Cyber Campus CZ is a space for organizations and communities that face the challenges of the future and actively participate in making our society safe and resilient.

A vibrant city for serious plans

Cyber Campus CZ is part of Brno. A city of universities, students, justice, culture, IT, research, innovation, and cyber security.