Active approach

Problems of cyberspace are problems of the community. They have a critical impact on society, democracy, economy, and on the lives of each of us. Our present and future require the ability to face all that threatens the previously mentioned.

The mission of CyberCampuscz is to strengthen the resilience of digital society, its strategic infrastructures, public institutions, the private sector, and each of us.

In order to achieve this, cooperation across states, organisations, and fields is essential. That is why CyberCampuscz creates a space that supports resilience in a variety of areas – for example, interdisciplinary research, provision of services, governance and regulation, training of professionals, education, public awareness, development of specialised infrastructure, provision of financial resources, and community building.

Capacity building

A critical factor for success

Training of experts, extensive cyber training, established educational ecosystem at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University, cooperation with the University of Technical Education in Brno, and creative education. CyberCampuscz puts emphasis on the development of people because, they are the basis of a resilient society.

Research and innovation

across fields

Academic, military, and private teams with backgrounds in various fields conduct research on the campus. The basic characteristics are: excellence, multidisciplinary approach, and transfer of results into practice.

Provision of services

Digital transformation securely

The heart of the campus is the CyberSecurityHubcz, which provides cyber security services for the digital transformation of SMEs and public administration in the areas of expert consulting, professional training, investment searching, or networking with other entities.

Governance and regulation


Overlap with governance and regulation shows new opportunities and risks. Thanks to the established cooperation with the nearby Faculty of Law of Masaryk University, it is possible to benefit from research on legal and strategic tools in the field of technology law, as well as from connections to international research networks.

Community building

Local focus,
global impact

The concentration of research, business, military, and the public sector are a source of tremendous potential. Thanks to the systematic work with the community and the physical proximity, CyberCampuscz creates opportunities for a huge number of projects and new models of cooperation.

Infrastructure development

Solid foundations

CyberCampuscz is constantly developing sophisticated virtual environments that increase digital resilience. An example is the KYPO Cyber Range Platform or the test environment of industrial control systems. Development also takes place in the physical world. There are currently two science and technology parks that provide thousands of square meters of office space, laboratories, and training arenas.

Public resources

Support from
Czech Republic and EU

A large part of the projects and activities on CyberCampuscz is financed from public resources. Strategic investments come from national programs and through the EU, especially within the Digital Europe Programme, which contributes to the development of the CyberSecurityHubcz or the Experimental Quantum Network.