Symbol and place

CyberCampuscz is a symbol of the Czech Republic’s self-confident approach to building a resilient digital society. It is a geographical area in Brno that gathers key subjects, expertise, activities, and infrastructure all in one place.

The campus enables the connection of activities of universities, the corporate IT sector, research organizations, the security interests of the state, cluster activities, and other industries. CyberCampuscz thus creates a space for excellent research, cooperation, education, services, and transfer of results into practice.

Resilience as a mission

The purpose of CyberCampuscz is to strengthen the resilience of digital society at all levels – we need a resilient state, organizations, and citizens to be able to protect democratic values, economic prosperity, and the quality of everyday life.

It’s a challenge that doesn’t have an easy solution. For this purpose, we are developing activities in a number of areas on the premises of CyberCampuscz. It mainly concerns interdisciplinary research, provision of services for digital transformation, management and regulation, training of professionals, education, public awareness, development of specialized infrastructure, provision of financial resources, and community building.

Location in the center of Brno

CyberCampuscz is located in the center of Brno. In this area there is a concentration of organizations, activities, and authorities which are a promise for new types of cooperation and projects with global impact.

At the heart of the campus there are two science and technology parks, the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University and the CyberSecurityHubcz. There are also other entities in the vicinity that deal with digital resilience and cyber security to some extent. For example, the Army of the Czech Republic, the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University, and the National Defense University.

The National Cyber and Information Security Agency, the National Agency for Communication and Information Technologies, Industry Cluster 4.0, FEKT BUT, FIT BUT, and the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce are also located near CyberCampuscz.

Cooperation of three universities

CyberCampuscz is the result of cooperation between three Czech universities – Masaryk University, Czech Technical University in Prague, and Technical University in Brno, which takes place within the CyberSecurityHubcz.

Czech Technical University in Prague
Masaryk University
Brno University of Technology

It is a new approach and the next stage of cooperation, which should contribute to the fulfillment of a self-confident vision of strengthening digital resilience.

In the background there is the knowledge that collaboration is essential to counter threats that attempt to exploit our society’s critical reliance on digital technologies.